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" B. {o ~ .Wi Carleton Ji{f ..U N I V E R 5 I T Y :';0 ~ 94\,202 ~{B t C EAAMII~A ION Fall 2001 Final DURATION: 3 HOURS No. of Students: 419 Department Name & Course Number: Systems & Computer Engineering, 94.202 A,B,C, Course Instructor(s) Professors Bryant, Esfandiari, Pagurek AUTHORIZED MEMORANDA CLOSED EOOK Students MUST count the number of pages in this exa nation question paper before beginning to write, and report any discrepancy to a proctor. This question paper has 14 pages. This examination question paper MAY be taken from the examination room. In addition to this question paper, students require: an examination booklet yesQ no13 , a Scantron sheet yeso noO Instructions . This exam is closed book. No aids of any type- are ~llowed, either paper or electronic. An extra page, which contains supplementary course information, is provided with the examination booklet. This examination booklet contains 5 pages including this cover page. There are 6 questions with a total value of 50 marks, Answer all questions in the space provided in the separate 94.202 Final Examination Answer Booklet which contains 9 pages. It must not be un stapled and may not be taken from the examination room. " :;' ; -~ ~ ~~=--~~-~~~~~~,~=~~ i~i'\
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." t .~. . ..BP 'n # Question 1 [8 Marks] Page 1 A bag of integers may be implemented using an array, as discussed in class. It is also, possible to us~ a linked list, as outlined below. Assuming this outline, write a method called "removeAll". It is to remove ALL occurrences of the specified value and return the number of values removed. Your method MA Y NOT use other methods of the class. public class IntBag {
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SYSC2002_2001_Fall - B cfw_o ~.Wi.U Carleton N I VER 5 I TY...

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