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, " fJi .f .. ' " i . ."'" " .f t, ~ .Carleton / 71 V UNIVERSITY> ...FINAL EXAMINATION EXAMINA TION mt1-rw r"1Il:i=t t FALL 2002 ~~~~-~-~~~!~J Dl'R-\ TION: 3 HOl~RS No. Of Students: 330 Department Name & Course Number: Systems and Computer Engineering SYSC 2002 (94.202) Data Structures and Algorithms Course Instructor (s): Professor John Bryant, Professor Bernie Pagurek, Professor Lynn Marshall \l THORIZED \IE\IORAD-\ CLOSED BOOK, CALCULATOR NOT ALLOWED OR AIDS Students ;\I~ST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write. and report any discrepancy to a proctor. This question paper has ~pages. 't c c" e "" /3 f";-'7'~:" ../CL,v:: e-.- -"",,~,. .~ This examination question paper may be taken from the examination room. In addition to this question paper, students require: an examination booklets yes 0 no Scantron Sheet yes no 0 . Instructions: I. Attempt all questions. Read each question thoroughly before writing the answer in the space provided for the question in the answer booklet. The space should be more than adequate. Suggestion: R~ad through the entire exam and answer the easiest questions first. 2. A function does not need to throw exceptions unless you are told that it must. 3. Please do not ask the instructors to explain a question to you. This is a course in problem sol\'ing. and you are being examined on your ability to do so. If something is unclear to you. make a reasonable, write it down. and solve the problem. If, however, you think you have found an error in a question. feel free to ask for assistance. 4. Total marks for this exam -60. c,.". . "'","" ,
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, .LJ/J O, &7}/' .'!~/"'1 ...j .Question 1 [10 Marks) A queue can be implemented using a linked list with head and tail pointers. It is also possible, as illustrated below, to use only a sIngle pointer. The queue elements fonD a ring with the rear (tail) element pointing to the front (head) element, and the single pointer points to the rear (tail) element. IEEE Carleton
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SYSC2002_2002_Fall - .f i fJi.f t ~.Carleton V...

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