SYSC2002_2004_Fall - Question 1(8 marks Suppose that...

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Question 1 (8 marks) Suppose that somebody owes X dollars. At the end of every year the debt is recalculated as explained here: 1. First the debt is increased by X * (R / 100), where R is the interest rate. 2. Secondly, the debt is then reduced by the annual payment of Y dollars. Write a RECURSIVE function that, given X, R, and Y, returns the number of years it will take to pay off the debt. You may assume that the values are such that the debt will eventually get paid off. Hint: How much debt remains after one year? How many years will it take to pay off this debt? Question 2 (28 marks) A student database is organized as a binary tree SORTED BY STUDENT NAME ("aardvark" < "betty" < "zirconda"). Some of the students in the database are on the university swim team. An auxiliary linked list is used to keep track of which students are on the swim team. The head pointer for this linked list points to the tree node for the first student on the swim team, and so on. The linked list is doubly linked, and there is also a tail pointer. The diagram below should make things clear. The essential elements of the header for the database class are given on the next page. Note that elements that are not relevant to this question have been omitted. Note: The students currently on the swim team are: Anne, Fred, Joe, Lucy, Paul and Ted. root pointer for student database Paul Sue Mike Ed Doug Fred Keith Lucy Anne Joe head pointer for swimmer list tail pointer for swimmer list Ruth Yvonne Ted Will
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class StudentDB { private: class TNode { public: string name; int number; bool onSwimTeam; TNode *priorSwimmer, *nextSwimmer; // both NULL if student not on swim team TNode *left, *right; }; TNode *root, // root pointer for tree *head, *tail; // head and tail pointers for linked list of swimmers
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SYSC2002_2004_Fall - Question 1(8 marks Suppose that...

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