Final Exam--OAT 165

Final Exam--OAT 165 - For the final exam you will create a...

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For the final exam you will create a slide show utilizing all of the techniques you found most useful in PowerPoint. The slide show should be set up like a presentation for a class or business, and the topic may cover anything of your choice--such as teaching a new user how to use PowerPoint. You can cover as many topics as you feel would be necessary to make a new user have a thorough understanding of the presentation, but each item in the list below must be applied. Be sure to apply color, fill, themes, quick styles, etc. The presentation should be at least 6 slides or more. Utilize all the things you have learned in the textbook, including the following guidelines and features: 1. The first slide should be a title slide with the name of the presentation and your name as the author. 2. The following should be created and applied within the presentation: Use bulleted text on at least one slide Insert a textbox in at least one slide Add a graphic and media clip to at least two slides
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