Lesson 4 - Lesson 4 Lesson 4 Designing a Presentation...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson 4 Lesson 4 Designing a Presentation Learning Objectives Students will learn to: • Format presentations with themes • Change slide background • Change a slide layout • Insert a date, footer, and slide numbers • Link to Web pages and other programs • Add a hyperlink to a slide • Set up slide transitions • Apply a transition • Modify a transition • Animate slides • Use built-in animation • Modify an animation • Create a customized animation • Customize slide masters • Apply a theme to a slide master • Change a slide master’s background • Add new elements to a slide master MCAS Skills Insert hyperlinks 2.3.3 Add, change, and remove transitions between slides 1.4.2 Apply built-in animations 2.4.1 Modify animations 2.4.2 Create custom animations 2.4.3 Apply themes to slide masters 1.2.1 Format slide master backgrounds 1.2.2 Add elements to slide masters 1.3 Lesson Summary – Lecture Notes Lesson 4 focuses on skills required to design a presentation from start to finish—from applying a theme that gives a new presentation a professional look to creating the animations that will control text display during the slide show. Along the way, students learn other important skills: how to insert dates and slide numbers, how to link to other programs, how to apply slide transitions, and how to modify slide master layouts. 4-1 Lesson 4 Begin this lesson with the Software Orientation view of the Themes gallery and a discussion of themes. New in PowerPoint 2007, themes supply instant formatting in the form of color schemes, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts. Students with previous experience in PowerPoint may wonder that there are so few themes, relative to the number of design templates in previous versions. Demonstrate that by applying different theme colors, backgrounds, and fonts, each theme can be customized to provide a great deal of variety. Be sure to show students how to apply a theme to a single slide or a few selected slides. Discuss when an author might want to use more than one theme in a presentation....
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Lesson 4 - Lesson 4 Lesson 4 Designing a Presentation...

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