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Unformatted text preview: Coho Pie Safe Franchise Opportunities Click to edit Master subtitle style 2/25/10 Our Market Fresh-baked ◦ goods World-famous pies All types of cakes Specialty items ◦ ◦ More than 40 varieties orders 2/25/10 Custom Catering Revenue Sources teady income year round Per item or bulk sales {7E8AF0B4-A46A-48ED-BFB0-823FB751A06C} {01A4D196-47E1-4588-ABBC-F272CC9461DC} {D60ACD06-3911-4E22-B3AA-D0CBDAE15F77} {44056809-14B2-4B20-97A6-4B187F3CB077} {883BA2B6-D208-488D-A2F8-FB9158A6D3B8} Birthdays {F722B4D8-7386-4264-B006-96DB27B7C675} Reunions WeddingsChurch Socials Restaurants {CA7201F1-5979-497B-8535-38B07E01739E} All Ages Both formal and informal 2/25/10 ...
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