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Unformatted text preview: Pierret pp. 105-138 Lecture Note 5 Carrier Dynamics Light absorption Generation/recombination Capacitor analogy Photo-generation Minority carrier diffusion Examples Quasi Fermi level EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 1 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Cover Image: Carrier Dynamics “Crossing the border” Positive holes from the p-side (red) of a semiconductor (GaAs) p-n junction increasingly diffuse into the n-side (blue) as voltage across the junction is increased. Imaged with a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) at a resolution of ~10 nanometers. Shoji Yoshida et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 026802 (2007) EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 2 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Themes The main topic of our course is to apply a voltage to a device to inject holes and electrons; then watch how the conductivity is changed. It’s simpler to first put the excess carriers in the semiconductor by photo-excitation. From Pierret: “Minority carrier diffusion into a sea of majority carriers might be likened to a small group of animals attempting to cross a piranha-infested stretch of the Amazon River.” Their distribution falls off exponentially. EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 3 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Light Absorption I (x) − I (x + dx) = α dx I (x) dI = −αdx I I = I0 e−αx EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 4 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Illumination Assume that light is uniformly incident on the surface of a semiconductor. If αL ≪ 1, then light is absorbed uniformly throughout the semiconductor GL= #/vol/sec of electron-hole pairs generated. EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 5 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Absorption vs. Bandgap Ephoton Eg ? GaAs Eg=1.42 eV Ge Eg=0.66 eV Silicon Eg=1.12 eV Quiz: When each semiconductor material is illuminated with photons with energy=1.2 eV, which materials are transparent? Why? EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 6 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Notation n = carrier concentration under arbitrary conditions. n0 = equilibrium carrier concentration ∆n = (n - n0) = excess carrier concentration GL=external light that generates electron-hole pairs EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 7 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Energy Picture ∂ n(x, t) ￿ ∂ p(x, t) ￿ ￿ ￿ GL = GL (x, λ) = = ￿ ￿ ∂t ∂t light light (# additional electrons) = (# additional holes) EE3161 Semiconductor Devices Sang-Hyun Oh 8 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Law of Mass Action: Revisited The equilibrium carrier concentration is not a...
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