a4 - CS 136 Assignment 4 Final(revised 100131.7...

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CS 136 Assignment 4 Final (revised 100131.7) Note (January 31): float and double are prohibited. Due Thursday, February 4 at 22:00 sharp. No late marks will be awarded. All work must be submitted to the Marmoset submission system . See the preamble of assignment 1 for more information. For this assignment, you will submit C program files to Marmoset for grading. Future assignments will require that you submit C or Scheme or written work, or some combination. Your C submissions will be compiled on Ubuntu Linux using the gcc compiler, C99 language standard. They will be executed in the valgrind safe execution environment. Marmoset will award a nonzero grade when all of these conditions are met: the submission (when combined with correct testing components supplied by Marmoset) compiles without error; the submission runs without error, as reported by valgrind; the submission completes within the Marmoset time and memory limits (one or a few seconds of CPU; 128MB of RAM); the submission generates the correct output You should develop and test your programs prior to submission using the gedit tool on Ubuntu Linux v9.10 with the CS136 RunC plugin installed. You may be able to run this tool on other Linux systems or MacOS if you install X11 , valgrind and gedit , but you are on your own. If you fail to install valgrind your program will run in an unsafe environment. Instructors and TAs will decline to provide assistance unless the program output and valgrind output are both available. It is not possible to run the tool properly on Windows,
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a4 - CS 136 Assignment 4 Final(revised 100131.7...

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