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exam5 - 1|ulrersionl ElD 339L Earn 5 Fall 2!“...

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Unformatted text preview: 1|ulrersionl ElD: 339L Earn 5 Fall 2!!“ Multiih—choice qmtions are worth 2 poims Inch. Sehct the best answer for each question. 1. !--‘ An example ofa housekeeping gene is A) the bicoid gene offl’osophiin. B} a basal transcription fiactor in pigs. C) aGAL gene ofyeast D) the ion? gene of E. coli. E} none ufthe above. The pefliwav for polypeptides exported from E. coil includes the following steps, 1which :1ch in what order for correct expert? I. A cheperdne, Secfl,hinds to the polypeptide. 1 A cheperdne, SeeB, binds to the polypeptide. 3. ATP is hydrolfiedhvfiech. 4. Each pushes 2|] amino acids ofthe polypeptide into the tinnslocetinn complex. A) 111,4 B} 2,1,4,3 (:3 1,114 D) 3,1,4,1 E} 1,145: Which ufthe following proteins involved in transcription activation does not bind to the DNA? A] mediator B} Gal4 protein C} cAhIIF receptor protein (CRP) D) highmohilitjr group proteins [I-IMG) E) none nfthe above. 1iWhich dfthe fdlhwing statements Iegiuiiing Drosophii'n development isfnlse? A) Protein concentration gradients play a role in the normal development elf the Drosopiifla egg. E) anih'o proteinrequires Nanos protein for its activity. C) emitter? mRNA is repressed by Hi cdid protein. D) himchbacirmRhm expression is repressed by Bicoid and activated by Nanos. E} Nanos is a major posterior mdiphogen. Posttranslational modifications include: A) disulfide bond formation and glycosylation E} phi: mhorylatinn and pruteolvsis C} N—terrninal acetylati on D] A and E E) A, E, and C 1|ulrersionl Page 2 ...
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