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ocated atop Mount St - The newly-renovated science...

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ocated atop Mount St. James in Worcester, Mass., the 174-acre Holy Cross campus is a registered arboretum, mixing classical  and modern architectural styles within a picturesque New England setting. The College campus has been recognized with  numerous awards for excellence in architecture and landscaping, including two first-place prizes for the best-landscaped campus  in the nation. With state-of-the-art electronic classrooms and labs, a multi-media resource center and a digital imaging lab, the College boasts  impressive technological facilities. Each residence hall room has high-speed Internet access and students have the option to  connect to the Web in one of the campus’ four libraries or a designated wireless zone.
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Unformatted text preview: The newly-renovated science laboratories provide equipment to expose students to a variety of techniques used in laboratory and field studies. The Hart Recreation and Wellness Centers contain cardiovascular equipment and free weights, a six-lane pool, basketball courts, hockey and ice skating arena, rowing tanks, and racquetball courts. Indoor and outdoor tracks and outdoor tennis and basketball courts are also available on campus. Holy Cross has three performance theaters, two art galleries, a concert hall, ballroom, dance studio and a movie theater....
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