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Tickets for many events also indicate in small print that they are nontransferable revocable licences. However, these restrictions are typically not enforced. The most likely explanation for this lack of enforcement includes the lack of feasibility of checking the identi. cation of thousands of consumers in a short time. In that sense, event tickets are different from airline tickets where nontransferability restrictions can be more easily enforced. In practice, tickets for sports and entertainment events can be easily exchanged because they are not issued to any speci. c
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Unformatted text preview: consumer, while airline tickets cannot be used by anyone other than the original person to whom they were issued. Although promoters and ticketing agencies may not be able to enforce nontransferability restrictions, they sometimes try to impair resale for pro. ts by supporting resale laws and facilitating their enforcement. Ticketmaster, for example, states on its Canadian website at http://www. that it “supports laws that prohibit the reselling of tickets for more than the designated purchase price.”...
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