history 2055 aug 29 (1)

history 2055 aug 29 (1) - Europe Africa and America...

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Unformatted text preview: Europe, Africa, and America- 1347-1350 Europe’s population had been reduced by 30 – 40% o 3 reasons: Little Ice Age Black Death Crusades o Population, Politics, Culture, etc. shuffled around by famine, war, disease o Around 1200 the temperatures dropped because of Little Ice Age o Mongol Hoard moved from central Asia to Genoese outpost on the Black Sea and took with it fleas & rats carrying Bubonic Plague o Plague starts out in Southern Europe (specifically southern Italy) and begins to very quickly move its way north o By 1450 the last outbreak of plague is recorded in Iceland (idea of how remote Iceland is) and begins to recede in the rest of Europe o Europe is profoundly changed – their views of life, death, God, daily activities, etc. o Trade is somewhat expanded and more exotic materials and spices are available to northern Europeans, but moreover the northern Europeans now have more wealth to buy them- Italian city states have a monopoly over the trade items such as exotic spices and silk- The Portuguese expand sea trade and find a way around Africa to India...
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history 2055 aug 29 (1) - Europe Africa and America...

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