history 2055 september 7

history 2055 september 7 - Wars Worries and Hysteria in the...

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Wars, Worries, and Hysteria in the 17 th Century 1676 Was Not a Good Year - This year, two wars had come to an end one of which was the most destructive war to New England in terms of % of population - New Englanders are essentially “boxed” into their territory - In 1675 wealthy New Englanders could and did possess goods and luxuries from all over the world - Another trade dealt with the single most valuable commodity in the trans-Atlantic commerce at that time – African Slaves - Second most valuable commodity was sugar – fueled by slaves. o In the18th century the industrial revolution in England was fueled by coal, but to a certain extent by sugar o It was consumed by factory workers in large quantities to keep them going - By 1675, African Slavery was an important foundation of prosperity in the New England colonies o Most of the slaves bound for NA colonies ended up in the Chesapeake on the tobacco plantations - B/w 60-70 percent of the white population of Virginia consisted of indentured servants or their descendants and they were positioned further inland o They began to demand services such as protection and governing from the headquarters in Williamsburg o They could not push any further back than the fall line of water due to navigability problems o There was a growing disdain for the people who had great land that was well positioned on the rivers by 1650 - Law of Entail – was illegal for a land holder to divide up his estate among his sons o In the Chesapeake area the settlers follow this rule o Further inland the settlers had a disdain for these people and their rules o They will not maintain their estate, they will divide it up o Eventually, as an estate is divided among generations, the size of the parcels will no longer be economically productive o The settlers would “hive out” and start new towns o Often, these new towns encroached into the lands of Native Americans - Metacom was leader of Wampanoag tribe and is called King Philip by settlers o He has a weakness: he likes consumer goods too much o He doesn’t have any money so he trades land for goods Land isn’t his, as NA didn’t believe in ownership But, he continues to sign over increasingly large areas of land
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20 acres could sustain a single Indian, but could sustain a Puritan family and then some (surplus) The first thing a settler does with land is clear it. Burns the trees, pulls up stumps, fences it in. o
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history 2055 september 7 - Wars Worries and Hysteria in the...

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