history 2055 september 5

history 2055 september 5 - Colonial America in the 17th...

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Colonial America in the 17 th Century Settlements to Colonies: An Overview - The first colonization efforts were made by Spain – St. Augustine, Florida - The real successes come from France and England o France holds its colonies in Canada until 1760’s when it loses control of all of Canada to England o First English efforts succeed in Jamestown Warrior Settlement Intended to be fortress outpost on the James River (empties into Chesapeake Bay) Started by the Virginia Settlement John Smith was chosen to be the leader of expedition because of his capacity to maintain order over men even in terrible conditions No director of the Virginia Company anticipated that his talents as a military organizer would be necessary or even critical in Jamestown Fortress provides defense against Native Americans (great chief Powhatan) Continent was INHABITED – was not empty as Europeans considered it to be Women could not assist in defense of the expedition, children would be a burden – was a military expedition with only a handful of soldiers Most of the settlers were the youngest sons of English noblemen They discover o inhabited land o area close to Jamestown has been depleted of game o waters close to Jamestown have been fished, the land is sandy, shells not gems are on the beach o the weather is not great o they will have to do WORK John Smith created the rule that those who will not work will not eat o Also, those who refuse to work, should be inspired
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history 2055 september 5 - Colonial America in the 17th...

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