history 2055 september 19

history 2055 september 19 - TEST #1 ON OCT 3rd - Tuesday...

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TEST #1 ON OCT 3 rd - Tuesday The Seven Years’ War and the Rise of the New Empire The Old Empire at its Zenith, 1756 - Colonists took great pride in being British and being part of a great Empire - While being colonial subjects of the crown they didn’t have all the rights of being in England o One right was the right to elect representatives to the House of Commons directly o Could not affect policies that were affecting them o Had virtual representation (virtually none!) o British Pride was expressed by reading British books, wearing British fashions, following British legal system, and having dominant British ideals – all things of culture were English and everyone felt a bond to the Mother Country o If they called themselves Americans it was more of a geographical reference than a political organization - When the Empire began to have trouble funding the growth and expansion of the Empire they turned to taxation o They began to tax more and tax more people that had never been taxed before - The vulnerabilities of the Old Empire were financial and cultural The Seven Years War, 1756-63 - First real World War - Fought by France and England in Europe, Asia (India), and North America - Called the French and Indian was by Americans - France lost this war it lost its first Empire in NA o Gave French nobility and rulers a burning desire to return and revenge their loss o In 1778 the French king arranged an alliance with the 13 rebellious colonies o If they could win and strip Britain of imperial settlements then it could get
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history 2055 september 19 - TEST #1 ON OCT 3rd - Tuesday...

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