history 2055 september 21

history 2055 september 21 - The Mortality of an Empire I II...

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The Mortality of an Empire I. A Matter of Necessity and Principle II. The Focus Shifts to Enforcement III. Conciliation or Military Force? - Due to Salutary Neglect, many people became rich (planters, merchants, etc.) It Was Working o Wars were not really affecting this commercial system o Until the Seven Years War Odd because Britain won, but it destroyed the Imperial System - New Imperial System was more bureaucratic and every part of the Acts of Navigation of Trade was enforced and even more created o More enforcement, more involvement, more taxation - The Seven Years war was incredibly expensive and the debts had to be paid along with the costs already involved with the continuation of the Empire o More taxes had to come from somewhere o Many sessions of Parliament were spent trying to get funds from somewhere o One population numbering 4 Million had never been taxed even during the war while British at home were paying stamp taxes – Americans o Not that the Americans didn’t get taxed, but they paid local taxes o In 1763 the committee of Weighs and Means offers a series of proposals on how to raise money from the Americans 1764 – Proposal for a tax on British West Indian Sugar, Molasses, and Rum Prior to this an American would buy his sugar from any of the competition if he had to It was always illegal, but now the restrictions were tightened Americans and their lobbyists in the House of Commons argued against it but nothing could be done because they needed the money This was obnoxious to the American merchants and they planned a protest and proposed to not import anything from Britain 1765 – Stamp Act Lobbyist Benjamin Franklin was arguing in the House of Commons that taxation without representation was theft
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Benjamin then asks for a commission to sell the papers that were taxed by the stamps He then discovers in America that whoever sells the taxed papers gets tarred and feathered and decides to drop his commission After the stamp act the non-importation protest is revived and
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history 2055 september 21 - The Mortality of an Empire I II...

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