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MC January 29

MC January 29 - cooperative relationship with the...

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January 29, 2010 Genre Formulas Sitcom ( Modern Family ) Typical characters Stereotypes Setting in the home Conflict between parents and children Slapstick comedy 30-minute format Entertainment Setting Typical characters Patterns of action News Hard news Investigative reports Editorials Soft news Educational Determined by age and intellectual development of the audience Advertising Informational ads
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Hard-sell ads Soft-sell ads Advertising and Entertainment Product placement in film and TV Education and Entertainment Sesame Street regularly parodies popular entertainment formats News and Entertainment The Colbert Report; The Daily Show *Convergence refers to merging of technologies. *When a company buys many different types of businesses that span production, distribution and exhibition, this is referred to as: a monopoly. *Our nation’s founders intended the media to have a/an
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Unformatted text preview: cooperative relationship with the government. *The assumption that media, particularly television, affects how people view the world is diffusion of innovation’s theory. *Most researchers believe media has limited effect . *Movie attendance declined in the 50s because people were staying home and watching television. *The movie known for starting the era of the special-effects blockbuster was Citizen Kane. *The Dow Jones news service is an example of a chain ownership company, a feature syndicate, and a wire service. *Cable television began as an alternative to satellite TV. *A rating is the percentage of homes equipped with TVs that are tuned to a particular station at a particular time. *In the 1950s, pay for play was when record promoters paid disc jockeys to play certain records....
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  • The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, Typical characters Stereotypes, children Slapstick comedy

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MC January 29 - cooperative relationship with the...

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