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University of Ottawa ITI1121/ITI1521 – Midterm Examination Professor(s): Nathalie Japkowicz, Xinhou Hua and Herna L. Viktor Winter 2009 February 26, 209 Duration: 80 minutes Closed book; no aid allowed. Answer all questions in ink in the spaces provided in this examination booklet. Good luck!/ Bonne Chance! Family name: First name: Student number: There are 4 questions and a total of 30 points. This exam must contain 9 pages, including this cover page. 1 – True or False / 6 2 – Concept Definitions / 6 3 – Program Execution / 6 4 – Program Design / 12 Total / 30
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Page 2 of 9 1 True or False — 6 points Indicate whether the following statements are True or False , by circling the appropriate answer True/False on the answer sheet located on the next page. A. Consider the following partial definitions of the three classes named GrandDad , Dad and Son . public class GrandDad { public int x; private int y; protected int z; } public class Dad extends GrandDad { protected int a; private int b; } public class Son extends Dad { private int q; } The Instance Variables that are accessible in the Son class are x , z , a and q . B. Consider the following partial definitions of the class BankAccount : public class BankAccount { private String ownerName; private double balance; public double interestRate; //. ..... } This class violates encapsulation.
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