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Daniel McAdams Questions for Simulation 476/576 Due Thursday 1/21/10 1) What decisions could simulation modeling help a bank manager make? Simulations modeling would alert the manager to the frequency of customers, when mean wait times are at there highest and the mean total time a customer is in his or her branch. This would allow him to make decisions on when to possible open and close, how many tellers to employ and at what time the are needed to be scheduled. 2) What is a “Time-persistent” statistic? Is a statistic that relates to the total average time an object stays in a continually occurring event during the production process. 3) I n your own words , briefly describe the following three simulation concepts: an attribute; a resource; an event. An attribute is a product add-on that allows for all products in a production line to be individualized. A resource is any person place or thing that may be used in the completion of a specific task. An event
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Unformatted text preview: is an expected occurrence that will effect where a product or resources will move to in the production process. 4) What is the difference between a discrete random variable and a continuous random variable? Discrete random variables, while still random, will be given a specific range of values within a range. A continues random variable can take on any real number within a range. 5) What distribution is often used for modeling (representing) how the time to complete a task? Gamma (beta or alpha) 6) SuperBurger has a single drive-through window to serve its drive-up customers (with a single line of cars waiting for service). Cars arrive, on average, every 5 minutes (exponentially distributed). We can service, on average, 20 cars per hour (Poisson distributed). a) What is the distribution of the arrival rate? 5 Minutes b) What are the values of μ (mu) and λ (lambda)? λ = 60/5 = 12 customers an hour µ = 1/20 = .05*60 = 3 Minutes...
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