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64 summary figure - Summary of constructing a recombinant...

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Page # 64 Summary diagram of constructing recombinant DNA Summary of constructing a recombinant plasmid. (next several lab exercises) 1) Isolate source DNA and vector DNA. 2) Digest the DNA with restriction enzymes. 3) Mix, anneal and ligate the DNA. 4) Transform antibiotic sensitive bacteria. 5) Screen transformed host cells for those that contain recombinant DNA molecules of interest. Summary of constructing a recombinant pBLU plasmid 1) Biology 1A staff isolated λ DNA and pBLU DNA. Both types of DNA were cut with Hin D III. Lab #2: Ligation Mix, anneal & ligate. Generates 2 classes of plasmids: Insert or No insert. See below. Lab #4: Pick white colony and inoculate liquid LB/AMP media. Student cut pBLUi DNA with Hin D III. λ DNA, uncut or cut with restriction enzymes.
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