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Population Genetics in Deer Mice: Your assignment Write four short essays about the effects of barn owls on wild populations of deer mice that inhabit black lava outcrops in southwestern New Mexico. Address each of the following questions in a 100-word essay (about half of a double-spaced, typed page). We suggest that each person in the group work on one answer, with one or two people acting as proofreader and compiler of the final report. A. What model did you use to study the impacts of selection on populations of deer mice? B. In your model, how did selection created by the predatory activities of barn owls affect the genotype and allele frequencies of populations of deer mice?
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Unformatted text preview: C. Based on the results from the model, can selection cause a deer mouse population to evolve? D. According to your results, did the strength of selection influence its ability to bring about evolutionary change? Along with your answers, you should submit: 1 A draft of each answer with proofreading marks showing that you have proofread your answers. (You can do this using “Track Changes” in Microsoft Word, or on a hard copy.) 2 All the tables and calculations from the simulation exercise. 3 The contribution agreement for lab assignments, signed by all members of your group....
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