Conceptual Questions 1 - 4. You throw a 1.0-kg stone...

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Conceptual Questions: 1. A car is travelling at a constant speed along a straight line, level road. Is the reference frame of this car an inertial reference frame? What if the car rounds a curve at a constant speed? 2. Two cardboard boxes rest on a smooth, frictionless table. How can you determine which box has more mass without lifting them off the table? 3. Tired of waiting for the wind, a sailor decides to stand up in his sailboat and push on the mast. Will this push accelerate the sailboat?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. You throw a 1.0-kg stone straight up. What is the acceleration on the stone when it reaches half its max height? When it is instantaneously at rest at the top of its trajectory? When it is travelling back down? 5. Is it possible to have motion in the absence of a force? 6. If a small sports car collides head-on with a massive truck, which vehicle experiences the greater impact force? 7. What is the relation between the net force acting on a system and the direction of motion?...
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