EE302-0-1-RBM-Overview of EE302-S10

EE302-0-1-RBM-Overview of EE302-S10 - EE302 Course Overview...

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EE302 Course Overview 1/19/2010 Dr. Bruce McCann 1 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering EE302 Spring 2010 Dr. Bruce McCann Welcome to UT! What’s the Mission of UT? To transform lives for the benefit of society through the core values of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity and responsibility. 1/19/2010 2 UT Engineering Ranked 9th by U. S. News and World Report Best engineering college within 1000 miles Dean of the Cockrell School 1/19/2010 3 Dr. Greg Fenves Engineering Office of Student Affairs ECJ 2.200 The ECE Department Department Rankings by US News and World Report for 2009: Comp. Engr. – 8 th EE – 11 th Chairman of the Department 1/19/2010 4 Dr. Tony Ambler Undergraduate Student Advisor Dr. John Pearce Undergraduate Student Office ENS 135 Start here with all problems Dr. Bruce McCann Ph.D. in EE from UT 25 years of industrial experience: Software engineer, section manager, department manager, VP Engineering General Manager of several product 1/19/2010 5 design and manufacturing centers President of two global business units 10 th year teaching EE302. Contact Information Email: Please mention EE302 in the subject. I will reply if I can. Office: ENS 342C Office Hours: TTh 2:00 to 3:15 pm 1/19/2010 6 Other times by appointment. Anytime my office door is open. Seldom on campus on MWF
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EE302 Course Overview 1/19/2010 Dr. Bruce McCann 2 EE 302 Course Website UT Blackboard Contents: Homework Lecture Handouts 1/19/2010 7 Lab Project Study aids Old exams for practice Textbook for EE302 Required text: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 4 th Edition , Alexander, Charles and Sadiku, Matthew. This is the same text 1/19/2010 8 that you will use for EE411. Course Topics Aspects for the Professional Engineer Ethical behavior of engineers Responsibilities of the engineer to society Intellectual property Different focus areas in electrical and 1/19/2010 9 Different focus areas in electrical and computer engineering This material will be spread throughout the semester and addressed primarily by the Explore Engineering Project. Course Topics (Cont.) Analysis of DC Circuits Physics of Analog Circuit Quantities Definitions of various analog circuit elements such as resistors, voltage sources, and dependent sources. Kirchhoff's Current and Voltage Laws 1/19/2010 10 Kirchhoff s Current and Voltage Laws Advanced circuit analysis techniques such as node voltage and mesh current analysis Development of Thévenin and Norton equivalent circuits for analyzing circuits Operational Amplifiers Text Chapters 1 - 5 At the end of EE 302, you will: Understand the relationships between current, voltage, energy, and power.
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EE302-0-1-RBM-Overview of EE302-S10 - EE302 Course Overview...

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