EE302-0-4-RBM-IP - Intellectual Property Overview...

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1 Intellectual Property Overview September, 2000 Chad Huston B.S.I.E. Stanford Univ. 1977, J.D. Nebraska 1982 Chad Anson B.S.E.E. Univ. of Texas at Austin 1995, J.D. NYU 1998 Intellectual Property • Protect creations of the human mind •Impo r tance – competitive advantage – licensing revenue – defensive value – inherent value as an asset Types of Intellectual Property •Pa ten ts – A better mousetrap • Trademarks – MOUSE-O-LEUM
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2 Trademarks ™ ® • Words/symbols that distinguish goods or services of one entity from others •No tab le : Four of the top five most valuable brands belong to technology companies: 2. Microsoft $70.2 billion 3. IBM $53.2 billion 4. Intel $39.0 billion 5. Nokia $38.5 billion Trademarks Continued • Right to exclude use of a similar mark on products in a way that is likely to confuse the purchasing public • Automatic protection •Doma in Names Copyrights © • Original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium. • EE: computer software, data bases, web pages •Doe s No t
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EE302-0-4-RBM-IP - Intellectual Property Overview...

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