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RNR 1001 - NATURAL RESOURCE CONSERVATION Instructor: Dr. William E. Kelso Room 118 Renewable Natural Resources Building 578-4176 / e-mail: Office Hours: 1:00 - 4:00 PM, M - F; appointments are suggested, but are not required Meeting Time: 10:40 - 11:30 AM; MWF; Room 02 Lockett Hall Textbook: Living in the Environment – 16 th Edition, G. Tyler Miller, Jr., Thomson Higher Education, CA. Course Description: RNR 1001 - NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Relationship of humans to the natural environment; ecology and conservation of soil, water, forest, range, wildlife, and fisheries resources. 1. Objectives: To expose students to the general principles of ecology and conservation of natural resources. Students should develop an understanding of the relationships between human activities and natural resource productivity, ecological problems of developing and industrial countries, principles underlying strategies developed to conserve natural resources, and the costs and benefits of resource management alternatives . This course can serve as the third science course in the General Education Curriculum - see page 79 of the 2008- 2009 LSU Catalog. We will address several goals of the general education program, including an appreciation of the methods of critical inquiry, moral and ethical issues, and comprehension of how knowledge is acquired and applied. Perhaps most importantly, the course is designed to help you understand how the natural world functions, how humans have, are, and will change Earth’s ecology, and how we can best manage our renewable resources to support not only the human species, but all of the planet’s biodiversity. 2. Evaluation Procedures: 3 one-hour exams @ 100 points each 300 Final Exam @ 100 points 100 400 total points The grading scale for the course is: A=> 90% (>360 points); B=80-89% (320-359); C=70-79% (280-319); D=60-69% (240- 279); and F=59% and below (< 239). Tests: For each lecture exam you will be responsible for all lecture material and the assigned chapters in that section. Lecture tests will cover about 1/4 of the course material and ARE NOT COMPREHENSIVE. The exams will consist of 50 questions (34 from the lecture notes, 16 from the assigned chapters) . Material in the book chapters may or may not be covered in class, some of the material is information that I would like you to read, but don’t have time to cover it during class periods . If a valid emergency arises, contact me as soon as possible and arrangements will be made to make up the exam. Make-up exams will be given only for valid University excuses (written, see Policy Statement 22 The format for all test questions will be multiple choice and true / false. All exams will be taken in the
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