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test 1 Notes - ComDCh.15Notes ,youalsohearit

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ComD Ch. 1-5 Notes Language-- conventional system of signs that allows for the creative  communication of meaning. A symbol is a sign that has meaning to it Properties of Language Reciprocity--when you say something, you also hear it. Specialization--every sound you make serves a purpose to communicate. Non-directionality--everyone can hear it. Rapid-fade-- once spoken, the word is gone. Animal communication Birds: use finite communication Bees: use dances to communicate Dolphins: communicate through trained actions how to place pictures in order to communicate.)  “Nim chimpsky”- learned signs “Kanzi”.bonobos.- use sex to show actions no matter what gender; tend to  naturally learn communications.
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test 1 Notes - ComDCh.15Notes ,youalsohearit

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