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The Experiment: I will first begin the experiment by asking people what they think of surveillance in general, what the pros and cons are, and if they mind the fact that they are under surveillance. I will ask a variety of people, varying in age, ethnicity, and sex to make sure that I am getting the same general consensus from the public regarding surveillance. This part of the experience is intended to see what people think of surveillance before they are actually a victim of it. Next, I will go on a five day undercover operation to illustrate to society, that indeed, someone is always watching you. With my 8.2 mega pixel Kodak
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Unformatted text preview: camera, I am going to attempt to capture images of people, when they do not know it, and confront them about the advancement of technological surveillance always watching them. I will hopefully obtain embarrassing photos of people, to illustrate the true wrath of surveillance to the public. Then, I will hopefully obtain their consent to post their pictures and opinions on the topic of surveillance. Instead of Big Brother is watching you, mentioned throughout George Orwells 1984 my mission is titled, Garrett Yamasaki is watching you, because surveillance is constantly watching you....
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