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Interview 1: Liane Sueda Age: 17 Gender: Japanese Sex: Female Interview Taken Online: Garrett Yamasaki = GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg Liane Sueda = kawaii onechyan Opinion: GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:34:50 PM): You are now being recorded for my surveillance project for CAT 2. GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:34:58 PM): Well what you think of surveillance? kawaii onechyan (11:35:07 PM): It’s needed GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:35:14 PM): Why do you think that surveillance needed? kawaii onechyan (11:35:36 PM): So we know what’s going on with the crazies of the world GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:36:23 PM): Ok. GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:36:40 PM): Well do you mind if you are under are under surveillance? kawaii onechyan (11:37:21 PM): I am under surveillance GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:36:29 AM): Why do you think that you are under surveillance? kawaii onechyan
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Unformatted text preview: (11:37:28 AM): Because foreign governments dont trust us kawaii onechyan (11:37: 35 AM): Yeah haha so like space satellites GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:37:39 PM): oh good point. GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:37:42 PM): do you mind that someone watches you? kawaii onechyan (11:38:29 PM): ehh i guess GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:38:49 PM): why is that? kawaii onechyan (11:39:08 PM): Just the creepy notion, but I don’t really care GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:40:27 PM): oh I see. GrLsRmYAnTiDrUg (11:40:40 PM): well thank you for your opinion. (I have color changing font on American Online Line Instant Messenger, so sorry for the confusion in colors. I wanted to keep the conversation as authentic as possible so I did not change the colors.) 9...
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