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Interview 3: James Evans Age: 22 Ethnicity: Caucasian Sex: Male Interview: Garrett Yamasaki: “So Mr. Almighty James Evans, what do you think of surveillance?” James Evans: “Umm, I think it is quite ambivalent. There is both positive and negative affects to each side. As a society, we mainly focus on the positive side, not worrying about the negative side. This is because society tends to focus on positive ideas, not negative. We focus on good things, because if we focused on the bad, we would be a Debby Downer. Like we can’t just focus on the fact were eventually going to die.” Garrett Yamasaki: “That is some great insight, from a great man. But do you personally think surveillance is a good or bad for our society?” James Evans: “Well, I am personally a modernist, so
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Unformatted text preview: I would have to say technology is good and that surveillance is a good thing. It catches criminals and does its own thing. It helps to maintain order in our society. Garrett Yamasaki: My last two questions are, what if there is too much surveillance and do you think the government has too much power in accessing our records? James Evans: There is always going to be too much surveillance. Were going to turn into a dystopia, but there is nothing that we can do. We are hopeless as a society because we are not in control of technology. As for the government, they are greedy bastards, they get what they want or make up some bullshit excuse to get it. 11...
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