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Interview 4: Jan Deibert (Previous AP Calc AB/BC Teacher) Age: 61 Ethnicity: Caucasian Sex: Female Interview: Garrett Yamasaki: “So Mrs. Deibert, do you have any opinions about the topic of surveillance?” Jane Deibert: “Yeah, it’s very skeptical and unnecessary.” Garrett Yamasaki: “Do you think that our society would be able to function without surveillance?” Jan Deibert: “We USED to function perfectly fine without surveillance, but I think nowadays people have been so engulfed by technology that it is impossible. I can’t even get students to stop texting in class!” Garrett Yamasaki: “Do you find any pros and cons of surveillance?” Jan Deibert: “Well I don’t really care for surveillance
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Unformatted text preview: because, like the purpose of your project, people can always be watching you and you won’t know it. It also can lead to all those dystopian novels that I love reading about. I have lost my faith in humanity, so I solely believe that people will just abuse the privilege of technology.” Garrett Yamasaki: “That is an extremely insightful idea. So one last question, do you think that you have become engulfed in this technological revolution?” Jan Deibert: “No, I barely know how to use a computer or my cell phone.” Garrett Yamasaki: “Well, do you think you have a biased opinion about technology then?” Jan Deibert: “Well yes, but it is just my opinion.” 12...
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