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Victim #1: Name: Anonymous As you can easily see, this beautiful young girl is caught picking her nose. When confronted about this picture, this is what she had to say: Anonymous: “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing! Do not show anyone or I’ll KILL you!” I then began to interview her about the use of hard technology with the purpose of surveillance. Garrett: “So, do you think that surveillance is positive in society like the United States?” Anonymous: “No, technology is terrible, it infringes on my right to privacy!”
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Unformatted text preview: Garrett: “But this is a public area, do you believe that I am invading your right to privacy, or is surveillance to powerful?” Anonymous: “Ugh, surveillance is bad, it shouldn’t be permitted.” Garrett: “Alright, so if surveillance was constantly watching you, you would be a pretty sad person?” Anonymous: “Yes, I would freaking cry.” She finally gave me permission to use her picture in my CAT 2 project as long as I censored her eyes. 13...
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