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Victim #2 Name: Daniel Dalton Danny Dalton caught sleeping in quite the awkward position. Here’s what he had to say when I confronted him when he woke up: Danny Dalton: “HAHAHAHA… Don’t I look great?” Garrett: “Yeah you’re so beautiful.” I then interviewed him about surveillance: Garrett Yamasaki: “Would you be embarrassed if I made this picture public?” Danny Dalton: “Yeah, it’s not how I usually sleep. I swear.”
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Unformatted text preview: Garrett Yamasaki: So do you think surveillance is a bad thing? Danny Dalton: Yes, when it is watching me and taking pictures of me. Garrett Yamasaki: So if someone was always watching you, what would you do? Danny Dalton: I would kill them because there a creeper, like you. Danny then punches Garrett multiple times in order to show him what he would do if someone constantly watched him. 14...
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