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Victim #3 Nelson Carpio Nelson Carpio is caught sleeping on the community couch in 704 in quite an awkward position. Here is what he had to say about it: Nelson Carpio: “Uh, college is hard. But on the bright side, that’s such an epic picture, I’m going to make it my Myspace profile picture.” The interview about surveillance: Garrett: “Do you find it ‘weird’ when someone watches you sleep? Nelson Carpio: “Yeah it’s pretty weird, because I don’t know about it.” Garrett: “If you knew that I was watching you while you slept would that be
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Unformatted text preview: acceptable?” Nelson Carpio: “Well, not really, because I don’t want people to watch me.” Garrett: “So do you personally believe surveillance is a positive enforcement in our society?” Nelson Carpio: “The surveillance you know about is ok, as long as it doesn’t invade privacy, but there is a lot of surveillance that people are unaware of. That kind of surveillance is creepy shit.” 15...
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