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Victim 4: Mina Mina caught “rocking the deuce” in the community bathroom toilet. Here is what she had to say: Mina: “What the freak, this is the first time I have ever taken a poop. This is embarrassing.” Interview: Garrett Yamasaki: “So, what do you think about surveillance?” Mina: “Um, well I believe everything has aesthetic value, so surveillance has its own aesthetic value.” Garret Yamasaki: “Are you just trying to use CAT terms, or what do you actually
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Unformatted text preview: think about surveillance? Is it important to society? Mina: I think surveillance is stupid, and your picture was quite stupid as well. Garrett Yamasaki: You sound pretty angry about my use of surveillance. Are you sure surveillance is that bad? Mina: Yes but Ill let you use this for your stupid project. 16...
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