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page 18 fp - discrete places?” Anant Upreti “It would...

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Victim 6: Anant Upreti Anant Upreti caught soaking wet in the shower. He was having quite a great time until I came and started taking pictures of him. Here is his reaction: Anant Upreti: “What the F%&* are you doing?” This is his interview about surveillance: Garrett Yamasaki: “What if cameras were always watching you, even in the most
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Unformatted text preview: discrete places?” Anant Upreti: “It would be so incredibly creepy. That’s kinky shit.” Garrett Yamasaki: “Do you think that I invaded your privacy when I took a picture of you in the shower?” Anant Upreti: “Hell yes, it is like I was living in the dystopia 1984 , where they watch you every. It’s Scary shit.” 18...
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