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Victim 7: Garrett Yamasaki Since a lot of students around 6 th college saw me taking many creepy photos, they thought it would be quite funny if they took embarrassing photos of me. In the first picture, yes I was reading Fahrenheit 451 – with a headband on. I was going through a headband phase, because I under the impression that it was “cool.” In the second picture, yes, I did fall asleep on a suitemate while he was playing
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Unformatted text preview: Duelist of Roses (the Yugio Game) on the Playstation 2. He had quite a fluffy stomach and I was super tired from sitting through Culture, Art, and Technology all day. They then attempted to interview me, but I refused. They had forced me to put this in my project, or else I could not use some of their photos in my project. 19...
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