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Epilogue My assumption is the fact people only realize where some of the surveillance is located, such as cameras that are illustrated on televisions, or big noticeable cameras in the corner of a store. Thus, society has learned to accept the wave of social flux in surveillance because of the aftermath of post 9/11/01. People have the engrained belief that they know where most if not all of the surveillance cameras are located – when in reality they do not know where many of them are. As Slack and Wise clearly states, “If you walk through Times Square in New York City, you activities will be recorded by some of the 2,400
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Unformatted text preview: surveillance cameras concentrated in Manhattan.” Society has yet to comprehend the notion that “surveillance technologies have been designed and developed to blend in with everyday experience in such a way as to become invisible” (Slack and Wise, 125). Therefore, people do not realize there are many cameras that they cannot see. For in 2002, the average New Yorker was photographed seventy five times a day and the average Londoner was said to be photographed 300-500 times a day – a number that is now simply a modest proposal of what the actual current value (Slack and Wise, 125). 22...
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