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Page 23 fp - This proof merely convicts people by their word and honor which ultimately lacks all forms of physical proof This would allow for

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This illustrates that technology throughout our given niche is not salient to the given eye, but instead, surveillance is part of the technological sublime. The astonishing increase in the pervasiveness of surveillance has been slow to come to the attention of the public because society believes they know the truth about surveillance – when in actuality it is the pseudo truth. In many cases, surveillance has a positive influence on a given society. Surveillance, in a sense, acts as an extra pair of eyes that can see almost any given situation at any given time. Without the use surveillance, there would be no solid proof of anything. The world would be a reenactment of the Salem Witch Trials, as people would condemn others by saying, “I saw you with the devil.”
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Unformatted text preview: This proof merely convicts people by their word and honor, which ultimately lacks all forms of physical proof. This would allow for innocent people to face severe consequences for actions in which they did not perform. This is wrong, making surveillance necessary for order and justice to be maintained in a given society. On the other hand, surveillance can create many negative situations upon a given society. With surveillance acting as a pair of eyes, it can violate people’s Invasion of Privacy Tort Law, First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, or Fourteenth Amendment. This is exactly how the governments of 1984 , as well as 23...
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