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Page 24 fp - The United States of America is illustrating this in many ways by passing the U.S.A Patriot Act which enables United States

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Fahrenheit 451 manipulated their citizens – controlling their every action and vanquishing the citizens that did not conform to their standards. Since surveillance is created in such ways that people do not know it, it is quite easy to monitor peoples every action – similar to how my camera took pictures for my surveillance experiment. In a sense, the end product of excessive surveillance can condemn everyone, because there is no privacy and everyone makes mistakes. Thus, the government can ultimately decide who they want to be guilty, and who they want to be innocent – which is also bad for any given society, because there is excessive power in the government.
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Unformatted text preview: The United States of America is illustrating this in many ways by passing the U.S.A. Patriot Act, which enables United States authorities to search surveillances such as telephones, e-mails communications, medical, financial, and other records. This illustrates the access of information that the United States government can obtain over its citizens – people are losing their right to privacy. The United States government can now choose who they wish to use surveillance on and condemn them for not obeying the law. This comes to illustrate the ambivalent ability of surveillance – it simply depends on how you use it. 24...
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