Lab 2 report - Name and ID Number: Amie Marston Section: BV...

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Amie Marston Section: BV Lab Partner: Chris Lyles Total Points = 60 pts (5 pts notebook, 55 pts template) DATA, GRAPHS AND CALCULATIONS 1 pt Creating the calibration curve: Ferroin: Concentration (M) Absorbance 1.25E-05 0.180 2.50E-05 0.470 2 pts 3.75E-05 0.730 5.00E-05 1.000 6.25E-05 1.300 Purpose and Method Clearly state the purpose of this part of the lab. Explain how this is accomplished in this experiment. What calculations do you need to perform? What measurements will be made? [Do not provide experimental details here]. How do you go from calculated/measured values to accomplishing stated purpose? ( 10 pts ) Purpose: To determine the concentration of an unknown solution. To do this we will also prepare standard solutions of varying molarity. Method: We will take a stock solution and dilute it to specific concentrations. We will then use these solutions to generate a calibration curve in order to identify the concentration of the unknown. The concentration will be measured against the known mg in the iron tablet used. The equation to find the moles in standard solution is: ml needed (10 in our experiment) * 1L/1000ml * moles solution/1L = M The equation for diluting the stock solution is: moles solution * 1L/moles solution * 1000ml solution/1L = ml of __ M solution To measure absorbancy the equation is y=mx+b where y=absorbancy, m=slope, x=concentration and y=intercept λ max = 508.42 nm This was the nm reading of our unknown ferroin solution. Not sure if that's what the question was asking. Experiment 2 : Calibration Curves and an Application of Beer's Law By signing below, you certify that you have not falsified data, that you have not plagiarized any part of this lab report, and that all calculations and responses other than the reporting of raw data are your own independent work. Failure to sign this declaration will cost you 5 points. Signature:
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Lab 2 report - Name and ID Number: Amie Marston Section: BV...

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