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NAME and ID Number: Amie Marston LAB PARTNER: Chris Lyles Quiz Section: BV Total Points = 60 pts (5 notebook, 55 template) PURPOSE AND METHOD DATA AND CALCULATIONS A: HEAT CAPACITY OF THE CALORIMETER Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Voltage, V (J/C) 3.8 3.8 4.3 Current, A (C/s) 1.92 1.92 2.16 Time (s) 221.07 180.37 169.61 21.8 22.5 23.9 26 25.9 28.1 *Eletrical power input into calorimeter (q), J 1612.89 1315.980 1575.34 384.02 387.05 384.02 387.05 375.34 375.34 382.05 Hand calculated 382.137 Excel calculated Standard Dev 6.23 Hand calculated 5 pts Help 6.080 Excel calculated In Excel type "=average(range of values)" Instead of entering a range, just click at one end of the values and drag mouse to the other end For standard deviation, in Excel type "=stdev(range of values)". Initial temperature, o C Final temperature, o C *Calorimeter Constant, C cal, J/ o C Average, C cal Our goals are to: i) Determine the heat capacity of the calorimeter ii) Measure the heat of fusion of ice iii) Measure the heat of neautralization iv) Determine the enthalpy of hydration magnesium sulfate. Explain how each of these is accomplished in this experiment. ( 2 pts each = 8 pts ) Hint: use the leading questions in the P/M secions of lab reports 1 and 2 as a guide. EXPERIMENT 3: CALORIMETRY *Show an example of the calculations you are performing for q and Ccal. (May be neatly handwritten) q=C * ΔT, where C= n * c-bar ex run 1 = 79.920g H2O * 1mole/18.016g = 4.436 moles [this is n] c-bar=75.2 J/mol-C [this is given in prelab instructions] So, 4.436moles * 75.2 J/mol-C = 333.591J-C Ccal = qcal / (Tf - Ti) ex run 1 = 1612.89 * (26.0 - 21.8) = 384.021 By signing below, you certify that you have not falsified data, that you have not plagiarized any part of this lab report, and that all calculations and responses other than the reporting of raw data are your own independent work. Failure to sign this declaration will cost you 5 points. Signature:
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Lab 3 report - NAME and ID Number: Amie Marston Quiz...

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