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Interest Groups - American Medical Association It is the...

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American Medical Association It is the largest medical association of physicians in the nation. They represent physicians from every state and specialty as they work together to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. They actively support health care system reform. The American Medical Association (AMA) has identified eight critical elements of health system reform: Provide health insurance coverage for all Americans. Enact health insurance market reforms that expand choice of affordable coverage and eliminate denials for pre-existing conditions. Assure that health care decisions are made by patients and their physicians, not insurance companies or government officials. Patients and their physicians should also have the right to privately contract without penalty. Provide investments and incentives for quality improvement, prevention, and wellness initiatives. Repeal the Medicare physician payment formula that will trigger steep cuts and threaten seniors’ access to care. Implement medical liability reforms to reduce the cost of defensive medicine. Streamline and standardize insurance claims processing requirements to eliminate unnecessary costs and administrative burdens. Modify antitrust enforcement policies to empower physicians to implement clinical integration and quality improvement initiatives. They believe that enacting these policies will build a foundation for a stronger, better
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Interest Groups - American Medical Association It is the...

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