Ealc275-lecture3 - Structure of the 100-chapter novel...

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Unformatted text preview: Structure of the 100-chapter novel Journey to the West Chapter 1-7: follow Monkey (end with Monkeys punishment) Chapter8: sets up the quest Chapter9-12: the world of men Chapter13-97: the adventures ( the main body of the novel, difficulties and dangers, the special bond of the pilgrims becomes stronger) Chapter98-100: the success (the pilgrims successfully receive the sutras) Basic structure of an adventure Pilgrims travel west Encounter a monster Tripitaka is often captured (in terms of his strength and power are weak) Symbolism of Tripitakas flesh- To achieve the immortality- To get everlasting life Situations are often resolved with help from Kuan-yin The true identity of the monster is revealed- The great king of miracle : originally a golden fish in Kuan-yins place The monster is killed or returns to its rightful place- Kuan-yin captured it and put it in the box The pilgrims move on Structure: Order Chaos Restoration of Order - Reminds of the Haiku - Confusion: Know your place in the society (if you are the golden fish, you should be in your place) Monster Yaoguai  or Yaojing  Non-human creatures who acquire magical powers Symbolize chaos and disorder- They acquire the power they shouldnt get A fine line between monsters and disciples- Resemble each other closely Monster: Character What are monsters like?...
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Ealc275-lecture3 - Structure of the 100-chapter novel...

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