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Historical Context Story took place in Tang Dynasty Written in Ming Dynasty (1386-1644) - A period of peace - A boom in commercial publishing The Chinese Novel : “ Small talk” - Low status genre - Vernacular novel’s strong link with oral storytelling Monkey Written by Wu Cheng’en (1505-1580) An abridged translation of Journey to the West The Historical Core Zuanzang / Tripitaka (596-664) - Frictional : his pilgrimage to India to retrieve sutras Zuanzang’s journey enters into oral tradition Wu’s novel as the most influential version Monkey’s World Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian ideas mixed together The pantheon: coexistence of different gods
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Unformatted text preview: • Permeable boundaries Monkey • (pp.11) “There was a rock that… essence of heaven and the fine savours of Earth the vigor of sunshine and grace of moonlight .. it developed into a stone monkey.”-Hatched from a stone-Concept of yin-yang-Magic power-Unbounded nature Monkey Gaining Names • Stone monkey • Handsome monkey king • Sun wukong • Great sage, Equal to heaven • Significance of names:-1) each name as a different stage of his development-2) gaining in power, gaining in ego • Is there no limit to Monkey’s rise? 10/26/09- Monkey I...
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