Key Terms Exam 1 Psych 224 - Divided attention Cocktail...

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Psych 224 – Key Terms, Exam 1, Spring 2010 Lecture 2 (Methods) Theories Experiments Independent variable Dependent variable Random assignment (in an experiment) Information processing Introspection Event-related potentials (ERPs) Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Lectures 3-4 (Perception) Retina Inverse optics Bottom-up processing Top-down processing Word Superiority Effect Context effects Feature models Template models Non-accidental properties Geons Recognition by Component (RBC) model Object-centered Viewer-centered Change blindness Flicker paradigm Lectures 5-6 (Attention) Stroop task Functions of attention Selection Sensory store Partial reports
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Unformatted text preview: Divided attention Cocktail party effect Dichotic listening Spotlight metaphor Hemineglect Object-based attention Spatial-based attention Balint syndrome Binding Single feature search Conjunction search Feature Integration Theory Illusory conjunctions Dual task paradigm Capacity theory Automaticity Controlled vs. automatic processes Consistent mapping Varied mapping Lectures 7-8 (Imagery) Representations Dual Code Theory Analog representations Propositional representations Picture superiority effect Mnemonics Method of loci Imagery Mental psychophysics Mental rotation Reality monitoring Photographic memory (Eidetic imagery) Superimposition task...
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Key Terms Exam 1 Psych 224 - Divided attention Cocktail...

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