GEOG ch. 1 key terms

GEOG ch. 1 key terms - GEOG Ch 1 Key Terms 18:43:00 ←...

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Unformatted text preview: GEOG Ch. 1 Key Terms 04/02/2010 18:43:00 ← Ch.1 ← ← Geography- The science that studies the interdependence and interaction among geographic areas, natural systems, processes, society, and cultural activities over space-a spatial science. The five themes of geographic education are location, place, movement, regions, and human- earth relationships. ← ← Spatial- The nature or character of physical space, as in an area; occupying or operating within a space. Geography is a spatial science: spatial analysis its essential approach. ← ← Spatial analysis- The examination of spatial interactions, patterns, nd variations over area and/or space; a key integrative approach of geography. ← ← Process- A set of actions and changes that occur in some special order; analysis of processes is central to modern geographic synthesis. ← ← Physical geography- The science concerned with spatial aspects and interactions of the physical elements and processes that make up the enviorment: energy, air, water, weather, climate, landforms, soils, animals, plants, microorganisms, and earth. ← ← Scientific method- An approach that uses applied common sense in an organized and objective manner; based on observation, generalization, formulation, and testing a hypothesis, and ultimately developing a theory. ← ← System- An ordered, interrelated set of materials or items existing separate from the environment or within a boundary; energy transformations and energy and matter storage and retrieval occur within a system. ← ← Open system- A system with inputs and outputs crossing back and forth between the system and the surrounding enviorment. Earth is an open system in terms of energy (compare closed system). ←...
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GEOG ch. 1 key terms - GEOG Ch 1 Key Terms 18:43:00 ←...

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