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assessment shitfuck - Whos To Blame? Would you believe that...

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Who’s To Blame? Would you believe that credit cards have been around for over one hundred years? References to credit cars have been made as far back as 1890 in Europe. The first form of credit cards involved sales directly between the person selling the credit and the credit card and the customer of the card. Today credit cards allow you to make purchases without countless third parties. Credit cards were first promoted to people who traveled often for use when on the go. In the 1960s credit cards were marketed as more of a time saving device rather than a form of credit. Today companies are reinforcing this style of advertising more than ever especially with the extreme rise in the number of youth that own credit cards. 75 percent of students in college own credit cars, not even a generation ago, finding someone who owned a credit card on a college campus was like finding a Lambardi Trophy in a New Orleans Saints locker room. Many of these students use their card for the same reason that the company advertised them for, and without any life changing negative consequences. However, easy access to credit will put you on the path to spending beyond your means and lead you to debts that will concede your future (Bellis). In America we are at a time when a shaky economy is putting lenders at fault that gave home loans to people who couldn’t afford them. Even with these incidents taking place, credit card companies still see vulnerable college students who would sign any anonymous document for a brand new t-shirt just so they could wait another day to wash the mountain of rank ones in their closet as their main target. These freebies are all it takes get reel in students to apply for credit cards who have little to no understanding of what they are signing up for. For example, when Aletha Boggs was 19 years old she received a coupon for a free sandwich at her local Subway restaurant. Willing to do anything for a free meal, as would the majority of penny saving students, she was
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assessment shitfuck - Whos To Blame? Would you believe that...

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