Firsthand Portrait rough

Firsthand Portrait rough - Wegmann 1 Dylan Wegmann Mr...

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Unformatted text preview: Wegmann 1 Dylan Wegmann Mr. Schmitt English 1001 17 September 2009 Growing Means Everything Some of my favorite memories as a child are the times I had at my grandparents’ house. This was back when my brother and I were best friends. Our mom would take us there as often as possible. Back then it was actually fun for us, unlike the times in recent years in which we would go and wish to leave because we were bored. There were always things for us to do. We could play hide and seek, help cook food, draw pictures on our grandpa’s desk, and pick grapefruit out of the tree. On some occasions, we could even play with Charles. Charles Carriere is my Aunt Leslie’s husband. Charles was a young, built man. He was about 6 feet 3 inches. He had short, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He had a long, thin face with pale skin. Charles used to run in the I ron Man t riathlon and that took a lot of vigorous training. He was very muscular and in incredible shape. Charles was very intelligent and well-spoken. His opinions on any issue were always clever and well thought out. Other than that he was a fun person, too. Like almost every man he liked watching sports. He also had a great personality; his jokes made everyone laugh. The only times I ever saw Charles were Wegmann 2 when we went to my grandparents’ house. Every time he would come over it was so exciting. He would tickle me and chase me around, and I remember he always made me laugh hysterically. Charles seemed so much fun then. He also used to babysit me me laugh hysterically....
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Firsthand Portrait rough - Wegmann 1 Dylan Wegmann Mr...

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