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Dylan Wegmann Isms Review 1. The costumes in Isms were designed by Josie Macmurdo. The costumes in the performance were almost the same throughout. For the most part the actors wore all black and had makeup on their faces. In The Crystal Spider the mother character wore a sparkly dress and her son wore a suit jacket along with his all black clothes. There were other times in Isms such as in the Futurism section in which a character would wear a cone- shaped green wire on his head. Also, towards the end of the performance each actor had a hat of some sort representing which part of the world he or she was from. Even though the costumes were very simple, it fit well with Isms because it was a performance that did not need the costumes to be extravagant in order for it to be successful. 2. There were a lot of moments from Isms, but one stood out for me the most. This moment happened in The Crystal Spider. The moment was when the mother and son were talking and got close to each other and kissed. The reason this stood out to me the most is
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