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Dylan Wegmann 10/12/09 Mandeville Lakefront In the city of Mandeville one of the most peaceful and prettiest places to be is the Lakefront of Lake Pontchartrain. One visit to this place will heighten your senses. You will smell the green grass and feel the fresh breeze across your face as you walk along the paved path. The sound of waves hitting the cement sea wall and birds chirping is amazingly relaxing. The large oak trees along with the sunset against the water are a stunning sight. The Lakefront is a getaway when you are stressed out, or just a fine place to spend your Sunday afternoon. Sunday is the perfect day to see everything you may see at the Mandeville Lakefront. As I sit on the wall with my back to the lake, I see a whole variety of things. Parents take their children out to play on the numerous swing sets after church. People run with their dogs to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. Beautiful women jog around to keep in tip top shape. Middle-aged couples come to the Lakefront just to spend some time alone and get away. I see men reunite with old buddies to grab some lunch and catch up. Sometimes there is even a creeper driving around slowly in a white van checking out the pretty livestock. But none of this is too out of the ordinary for the Lakefront. For as long as I can remember there has always been the Lakefront. It is a social cornerstone of the city of Mandeville. There are festivals held there, restaurants and beautiful historic houses along the main street, Lakeshore Drive. There are people there all the time. It is also economically helpful to Mandeville. Not only do they have festivals, but there have actually
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profile - Dylan Wegmann 10/12/09 Mandeville Lakefront In...

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